Year of no Light

Sorcerers of Death's construction: Holy Grails and Sovtek tubes

Karysun / Year of no light 7” out now

It took more time than expected but finally the KARYSUN / YEAR OF NO LIGHT 7” is out.

It’s available from radar swarm webstore here :
Radar Swarm

And will be available soon from all the other labels involved :
France : Radar swarm / Destructure
UK : Sound devastation
Germany : Denovali
Spain : Odio Sonoro
USA : Crucial Blast
Japan : SMD
Russia : ST Demo

In other news we are currently recording our next full length with the new line up. Tracking is finished, we will start mixing mid october !
We aim to release it early 2010 before our upcoming euro tour that will cross France / Belgium / Netherland / Denmark / Germany / Finland / Poland / Czech country / Switzerland…
Interested promoters should directly contact Flo at Owlstorm booking.

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